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The Boutique Fitness Franchise Cheat Sheet

The boutique fitness industry is growing 3x faster than the rest of the fitness space, and it's important to stay on top of the trends in such a dynamic industry.

Our Boutique Fitness Franchise cheat sheet gives you insight into the big players: who is redefining the game, and how they're doing it successfully.

Grow your fitness business

How can you benefit from the Boutique Fitness market trend?

Take advantage of our sleek and scalable solution. Our easy self-serve check-in and store integration are an added bonus on top of keeping your member management easy.

What are the characteristics of the companies that are defining the industry?

How can smaller studios take advantage of this ever evolving business model?

How can established big box style gyms adapt to participate and profit?

Get insider insights into a dynamic industry

Boutique Fitness is an $8 billion industry that's growing 20% per year

Learn What it takes to scale a fitness franchise 

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Get your guide to who is defining the boutique market, how to emerge from obscurity, and reposition your big box gym.

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How can you benefit?

What is the "boutique" approach to fitness and why is it so successful